Candidate Code of Conduct Page
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(absolutely never a charge for candidates)

(write down the password that is on top of video)

  • Failure to comply with these expectations may result in any offer of employment to be rescinded and no further use of our system to help find employment. 

  • When completing our algorithmic application for a position you are creating a profile for that potential employer and that entire state. If you are a 50% or higher match for them they receive your contact information and it is up to them to contact you for interview.


  • Additionally, your profile remains active in that state for any other potential employer you are above a 50% match. You may deactivate your profile at anytime by contacting us. 

  • You may open profiles in multiple states/countries.

  • Always act professionally and follow all “normal” standards for interviewing. Including, but not limited to; dressing appropriately, do not smell like smoke (of any kind), do not be under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol, be fifteen minutes early, turn off your cell phone, do not bring guests, do not be negative or disrespectful, do not act entitled, make wise decisions with your social media and voicemail greetings, and always be 100% engaged.

  • Under NO circumstance ask the employer about salary until it is mentioned by them. You may ask the employer to confirm the salary range printed in any ad, if not printed in ad don’t ask

  • Follow through with any additional requirement made by a client or chiropractic headhunters’ at the agreed to time. If no time is agreed upon then NO LATER THAN 5pm local time the next day (not business day) from the time of discussion.

  • After any interview with a client communicate either by phone or email about the outcome of that interview with chiropractic headhunters’.

  • If you receive a position offer: Accept or decline within seventy-two hours. Any negotiation must start within seventy two hours. Any anticipated delay must be communicated within this seventy two hours. The employer and Chiropractic Headhunters reserve the right to remove you from consideration for not communicating any delay or taking over seventy two hours. 

  • Upon returning acceptance or declining a position, confirm your decision at the same time with Chiropractic Headhunters’

  • Understand that we are here to help with any questions through the hiring process. Any question that you feel uncomfortable talking directly with the employer should be addressed with Chiropractic Headhunters’. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help as we can only help you if you ask.

**It is your responsibility to contact us and have your information removed from our system once hired (

Password for Position Algorithmic Application: agreetoconduct 

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