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"Thinking outside the box for business success"

The gold standard for hiring chiropractor

As our profession has grown it became evident that there is no “go-to” system centered on the chiropractic profession that efficiently matches employers to chiropractic physicians looking for employment. Prevailing methods of hiring are outdated and unproductive, essentially costing unnecessary expense for every clinic still employing those methods. We base our proprietary method on nine categories and eight hundred and ninety-eight points of significance.

While there are plenty of “psychological” personality profiles that have been around for years, there is no system like that is chiropractic focused and built by a chiropractor for chiropractors.

Chiropractic Headhunters’ is an exclusive patent pending service born out of a weakness in the profession. Our system is about the people and allows you to stop wasting time. We are rooted in fifteen years experience with management, sales, marketing and human resources. This revolutionary system is a product of all those years experience plus another five years of research and development.

We set a new benchmark and industry standard for the chiropractic profession and will make it simple and easy to find new Chiropractic Physicians. Our system matches the best available chiropractor uniquely to each of our clients.

Our mission is to treat each office like you do a patient. Each patient is different and require different things. Just as each clinic and candidate is different and require different things. We want you to be confident there is only one place for your chiropractic hiring needs.

There is not any system within our profession that comes close to what we can offer and makes all others obsolete. We are proud to be the new standard and there is no one in our league unless they try and duplicate, mimic or plagiarize our method. Our system automatically formulates an exclusive algorithm for each office and finds the most qualified candidate for you.

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