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Occupational Outlook:

As of May 2020 the median annual wage for chiropractors is $70,720. The lowest ten percent earn less than $35,380, and the top ten percent earn more than $137,950.


Salary Outlook by location, May 2020

Seven questions you should ask yourself before you hire?

  1. What is a fair salary (the link above will help). A quick estimate can be found by using the median rental cost for a family size home x 3 x12 (example- $2,100 x 3 x12= 75,600). If you can't afford this then you should reconsider if you are ready or look into alternatives like an Independent Contractor. 

  2. What are the bonus's and incentive's that you will include? (examples- vacation time, monetary bonus, malpractice, 401k, medical insurance, signing bonus, etc.)

  3. Have you written an employee handbook?

  4. Have you written a position description with expectations?

  5. Will you have a contract with time limit and or a no-compete?

  6. Will you have a training period? (the usual is 90 days)

  7. In the instance I must separate an employee what will be my procedure?

Independent Contractor Defined:

According to the IRS, the general rule for independent contractors is the payer has the right to dictate the end result of work but not how it will be done. -,,id=179115,00.html

Forms and associated taxes -,,id=179114,00.html

Résumé vs. CV:What is the difference?

How does the ADA address service dogs and how do you address this issue

In Summary:

You will find two questions that you are allowed to ask about “service animals”

  1. Is this a service animal? If the answer is yes

  2. What specifically is it trained to do?

In order for the ADA to recognize an animal as a service animal, it must be trained to do something specific. The ADA guidelines are the federal ones legally recognized for a business, in some rare instances local ordinance may be different. An emotional support animal is not recognized by the ADA unless it does something specific. Example: alerts to take medicine when anxiety attack is about to occur. Otherwise a business does not have to allow any animal on your premises as a service animal that is not trained to perform a specific act. There are two exceptions that occur, one in the airline industry and the other in housing rental industry. This information can  be found on the ADA site.


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