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North Carolina Chiropractor

 Position Page mission: Help find each clinic/client the best match candidates while operating in both parties best interest. This will be done using a personalized algorithm for each client.

Empower Lives Through Exceptional Chiropractic Care: Join Our Team!

Burlington, NC 

ID - 764329


Company Description:

Do you possess an unwavering passion for unlocking the body's potential through chiropractic care? We believe in the transformative power of precise adjustments, enabling individuals to embark on their journey to optimal health. If you share this conviction, we invite you to connect with us! Devoted to delivering exceptional chiropractic care, we specialize in addressing spinal subluxations with meticulous precision, guiding our patients toward ultimate well-being. We are actually located just over the Virginia border.


Job Description:

 If you truly regard adjustments as the cornerstone of healing and embrace a patient-centric philosophy, you will welcomed and valued part of our team. Your pivotal role will involve delivering superior chiropractic adjustments and personalized care to our patients, averaging 30-40 patients per day. We honor and respect each individual's unique health journey, aspiring to make a meaningful impact in their lives.



  • Licensed Chiropractor in Virginia or actively pursuing licensure.

  • Proficiency in a diverse array of adjusting techniques

  • Open-minded and patient-focused, tailoring treatments to meet individual needs.

  • Experience in handling a diverse range of patient cases, recognizing the nuances of each health path.

  • Exceptional communication skills and a deep commitment to community engagement, fostering genuine connections.


Other Information:

Enjoy a competitive base salary ranging from $80,000 to $85,000, complemented by performance-based bonuses and incentives. We highly value your expertise and dedication, acknowledging your contributions through a comprehensive compensation plan tailored to your unwavering commitment.



Chiropractor opportunities in Virginia, Cave Spring, VA, Roanoke, Lynchburg, Chapel Hill, Burlington, NC.

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