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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q . Why do we need you?

A.  You don’t if you are content with the outdated ways our profession handles finding potential employees. If you just simply want to look at resumes and get people shuffled to you then don’t waste your time with us.


If you are interested in most detail about a candidate possible without even meeting the candidate  then using our chiropractic focused system  gives you the best chance to really know your next doctor and  to decide if you want to start the interview process with them. 

Q. Can you promise us candidates?

A.  So there is a difference between finding candidates and candidates you want to hire. 99% percent of our clients get candidates and 96% successfully hire. The average time period is around 90 days.  There are some that take less time and some that take longer. 

We will never promise candidates only use of our proprietary algorithmic system to vet them out.


Q. Why is your system different than just having a candidate take a personality test?

A. I personally like them and if you do too then using them in congruence to our system is not a bad idea. However, we are chiropractic focused and the match is based upon your personal algorithm. The system similarly works to the same algorithms used in dating sites like eHarmony and


Q. Do candidates just answer the questions the way they know it’s going to match?

A. It has never been an issue. Our system looks at nine categories and eight hundred and ninety-eight points of significance to match the right candidate and clinic.

It’s our feeling that you can’t go through life thinking everyone is trying to pull one over on you. We find candidates generally want the system to work properly because they understand it is in their best interest. However, just the detail alone overrides any attempt someone may try to “fool” the system. A candidate doesn’t know you and that works in your favor they could not possibly fool the system on enough questions for it to register.

We have never had anyone come to us and say wow they answered everything so perfectly in the algorithm and in the interview process, but they fooled us. Between our algorithmic systematic process and the interviews, the system works and is successful.

Q. Can you find candidates anywhere?

A. We have helped clinics in 26 states and 2 foreign countries. Our system can help any clinic.


Q. Are there any refunds?

A. Check our Terms, there are never any refunds. You are purchasing use of our proprietary (patent pending) algorithmic system.

Q. Do you charge candidates?

A. Never! But, we do have a code of conduct for candidates that if they don’t follow will not be allowed back into our system.

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