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Ohio Chiropractor

 Position Page mission: Help find each clinic/client the best match candidates while operating in both parties best interest. This will be done using a personalized algorithm for each client.

Unlock an Exciting Chiropractor Opportunity at Our Ohio Clinic!

Lancaster, Ohio

ID – 539827


Company Description:

Our chiropractic clinic a short commute from Lancaster is on a mission to enhance the lives of patients by minimizing the burden of pain and illness. We embrace a comprehensive approach, offering a wide range of manual and adjunctive care options tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Ensuring accessibility to our services is a top priority, with flexible payment options, including cash and insurance.

Job Description:

We're in search of a skilled chiropractor who thrives in a dynamic environment. The incoming doctor will confidently take on the responsibility of adjusting 30-40 patients daily, utilizing techniques like Diversified and Thompson. The ability to seamlessly incorporate adjunct therapies when appropriate will be crucial. A proactive, "go-getter" mentality, combined with a genuine ease in working with diverse patient profiles, will be instrumental in contributing to our team's success.


Applicants should hold a valid Ohio chiropractic license or have an active application in process. This role demands expertise as a hands-on adjuster, complemented by a strong foundation in adjunct therapies. While prior experience in practices like acupuncture, cold laser therapy, cupping, and e-stimulation is advantageous, the non-negotiable qualities include an open-minded outlook, self-assured demeanor, and a humble disposition, all in alignment with our holistic care approach.

Other Information:

  • Enjoy a competitive base salary supplemented by bonuses and incentives, ranging from $75,000 to $85,000.

  • For candidates considering relocation, we offer reimbursement options, which can be discussed during the interview process.

  • Comprehensive benefits package encompassing malpractice coverage, continuing education opportunities, and a 401K plan, all thoughtfully designed to nurture your professional journey.


Chiropractor jobs in, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dublin, Lancaster, Columbus, Delaware, OH.

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