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North Carolina Chiropractor

 Position Page mission: Help find each clinic/client the best match candidates while operating in both parties best interest. This will be done using a personalized algorithm for each client.

Be a part of Chiropractic Excellence in North Carolina – Chiropractor Needed

Salem, North Carolina

ID - 937245

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Company Description:

Join our innovative chiropractic practice in North Carolina. We specialize in delivering visionary care and are in search of an exceptionally talented chiropractor to seamlessly align their expertise with our transformative opportunity. Our practice caters to a diverse patient base, with a specific emphasis on personal injury cases. Our focus is on redefining patient care, and we're actively seeking an outstanding chiropractor to become a valuable member of our dynamic team.


Job Description:

Are you a dedicated chiropractor seeking a new opportunity? Join our dynamic team that values skill, knowledge, and unwavering dedication. We are actively recruiting a licensed chiropractor to contribute to the expansion of our practice. You will work in a multidisciplinary setting within a partially open concept environment, featuring personalized treatment rooms to ensure a comfortable experience for both practitioners and patients. We are not a traditional PI Clinic and make sure each care plan is tailored to the patient.



  • Chiropractor with a unique blend of skill, knowledge, and dedication.

  • Possession of a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, showcasing proficiency in diverse adjusting techniques.

  • Licensed in NC or in the process of obtaining licensure.

  • Dedication to community involvement, reflecting an enthusiastic and open-minded approach to patient care.

  • Comfort with electronic health records and a commitment to exceeding minimum required CE hours is highly desirable. The chiropractor should exhibit a welcoming demeanor.


Other Information:

  • Patient Care Philosophy: Emphasis on providing individualized care plans.

  • Benefits: Competitive salary with bonuses, malpractice insurance, medical insurance, relocation expense, CE expense, phone expense, and more.

  • Base Salary: $80,000 with bonuses and incentives, ensuring a take-home salary of $100,000 is easily attainable.

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