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Florida Chiropractor

 Position Page mission: Help find each clinic/client the best match candidates while operating in both parties best interest. This will be done using a personalized algorithm for each client.

"Join our Wellness Squad: Seeking Chiropractor in Florida!"

Tampa, Florida

ID: 401981


Company Description:

  • A wellness-centered clinic that caters to patients of all ages

  • Cash-based clinic, so you can prioritize patient care over insurance

  • Strong community involvement and relocation reimbursement offered

Position Description:

  • Seeking a chiropractor who excels in adjustments with minor adjunct therapy, primarily using Diversified and Thompson techniques, while only branching out when necessary

  • Strong communication skills required to educate patients on the importance of maintenance and wellness

  • Focus solely on patient care without the burden of insurance

  • Have a passion for wellness and want to work with patients of all ages


  • Proficient in Diversified and Thompson techniques

  • Holds a Florida Chiropractic License or has applied for one

  • Comfortable with assessing neurological function

  • Proficient in orthopedic testing

  • Great personality with high energy and loves working with all types of patients

  • X-rays are done only if clinically necessary

Other Information:

  • Competitive salary: Package ranging from $85,000 to $100,000 with bonuses and incentives

  • Comprehensive benefits such as malpractice insurance, CE reimbursement, medical coverage, and gym membership provided

  • Relocation reimbursement possible



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