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What can you expect when you fill out an application for a position? 
your journey to find your chiropractor position starts here
(absolutely never a charge for candidates)



  • Although you likely found your way here responding to an ad (but, even if you didn't)

    • You are about to open a profile for the entire state you are interested working not just one position​​

  • In the same fashion that well known dating websites ( and eHarmony) use their own proprietary algorithm to match people together – so do we within the state you wish to work.

    • In that sense our applications are actually profiles for you in the state you wish to work

  • Our proprietary algorithm uses 898 points of information to find matches (not questions you answer)

    • Any other chiropractic related company claiming to be able to match you in the same way, simply can’t and any claims to be as detailed are false. Furthermore, they have likely tried to copy and duplicate what we do.

    • Simply stated our method can’t be copied or duplicated


What to expect

  • If you are a 50% or higher match to one of our clients they automatically receive your information for review

    • It is up to them to contact you for interview

  • It is your responsibility to close your profile by simply contacting us

  • If you are interested in working in more than one state you must fill out application for each one.


What we expect

  • It is absolutely imperative that you respond to each and every email or phone call you receive from one of our clients. If you are not interested in interviewing with a particular client please simply tell them as this is considered the professional standard. A non-reply is not acceptable and if you are employed please follow through with closing your profile. We ask that you keep records of your responses to clients for at least 60 days. 

    • Please only leave us email that you monitor and make sure your contact number is correct. Not seeing an email after a client makes three attempts is not acceptable and you risk being removed from our system and suspended from its use indefinitely. ​

  • Follow the professional “golden” standards of interviewing:

    • Always act professionally

    • Dress appropriately,

    • Do not smell like smoke (of any kind),

    • Do not be under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol.

    • Be fifteen minutes early

    • Turn off your cell phone.

    • Do not bring guests

    • Do not be negative or disrespectful

    • Do not act entitled,

    • Make wise decisions with your social media and voicemail greetings, and always be 100% engaged.

    • Although salary is important under NO circumstance ask the employer about salary until it is mentioned by them. WE ACCEPT NO CLIENTS THAT PAY DOCTORS BELOW AVERAGE FOR ANY STATE.

    • You may ask the employer to confirm the salary range printed in any ad, if not printed in ad don’t ask.

      • WHY? This makes it seem that the absolute only thing you are worried about is money and most employers prefer more than that!

  • Follow through with any additional requirement/requests made by a client

  • If no time is agreed upon then NO LATER THAN 5pm local time the next day (not business day) from the time of discussion.

  • Accept or decline any offer within seventy-two hours.

  • Any negotiation must start within seventy-two hours.

  • Any anticipated delay must be communicated within seventy-two hours.

    • Follow your gut if it takes more than 72hrs then the position is not right for you

  • The potential employer and Chiropractic Headhunters reserve the right to remove you from consideration for not communicating any delay taking over seventy two hours. 


Failure to comply with these expectations may result in any offer of employment to be rescinded and no further use of our system to help find employment. 

Understand that we are here to help with any questions through the hiring process. Any question that you feel uncomfortable talking directly with the employer should be addressed with Chiropractic Headhunters’. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help as we can only help you if you ask.

**It is your responsibility to contact us and have your information removed from our system once hired (

By moving forward with  your application you agree to follow these expectations

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