International Chiropractor

Position Page mission: Treat each clinic/client and candidate as an individual therefore operating in both parties best interest. This will be done matching each candidate to the personalized algorithm of each client.

Dedicated Traditional Chiropractor in Alberta,Canada

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada


Company Description:    


Great location on the Saskatchewan River that has been open for years. Activator Practice looking for the Chiropractor for eventual ownership.

Job Description:

Although this is an independent contractor position we do filter patients to the new doctor so you will start by making in neighborhood of 50,000 CAD, this will climb quickly as you become more established. You must be compassionate, humble and willing to learn our successful way of practice. Our new doctor should be well organized and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Regardless of years of experience you must be teachable and willing to put those teachings first.


>>Already have a Canadian Chiropractic license

>>Have a another chiropractic license with Serious intent to be licensed for Canada

>>Open to graduating chiropractic students who have or about to complete boards

>>Use activator as your primary adjustment style

>>Planned (with a date) move to Alberta

Other Information:

>>Patients are filtered to the new doctor

>>Salary figured as 60% of your revenue

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